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Sarah's Key - Tatiana de Rosnay Not great, not terrible. Worth reading for a piece of history that has been hidden.

Julia's story of her crumbling marriage was shallow and predictable - it would probably make a good Lifetime movie. Her jetting back and forth between NY and Paris and her travel to Italy (including the renting of a story book villa) made it hard to identify or sympathize with her.

As a reporter, Julia seems pretty inadequate - certainly her research skills are weak - she didn't know how to look up a phone number via the internet? Many times she depended on her young daughter's advice. Also, her reluctance (or lack of curiosity?) to ask probing questions of people who have first-hand information was irritating. Perhaps it was done to add suspense to the story but it made her seem ineffective as a journalist.

The story that interested me was Sarah's story and the Vel'd'Hiv (the round up of Jews in Paris by the Nazis with the help of the French authorities). Kudos to Rosnay for bringing this to light. I had never heard of this part of history. I wish she had concentrated more on this than the over-dramatic and predictable sequence of events in her life. I had many unanswered questions about Sara which I think Julia could have satisfied were she less self-centered and a better reporter. In the real world his would have been a great coup for a reporter & her magazine - Neither Julia nor her publisher don't seem to grasp the significance of this. Instead, she turns in a lame story so she can return to her life story.

I give it 2 stars because the book irritated me. There was an interesting story here but it kept being interrupted by the predictable account of an insipid woman's life.